Car Rental Policy

All car rental rates include:

(CDW) Collision Damage Waiver: Reduces the liability of the renter for damages on the vehicle.

With this package you are PROTECTED, except for the first portion of the claim (Excess) in the event of damage to the rental car. The renter’s liability for damage for the rented vehicle, can be reduced to a maximum charge of €500 for groups A, A1, B, B1, Cd, maximum €700 for groups Aa O/T, Aa, B 4x4, C, C1a, C1d, Ca D, Dah, Dd, E1, F, Had, Z, Za, maximum €900 for Eah, Ed, G, H, S, Sad, maximum €1100 for groups FadLUX, FdLUX, G1a, GLUX, HaLUX,   maximum €3000  for  Group F2adLUX.

A valid credit card in the name of the main driver must be presented as guarantee for the rental upon pick up of the vehicle. For Upon pick up of the vehicle we will preauthorize the excess amount from the driver's credit card as warranty which will be fully refunded after the end of the rental period if no damage has been occurred. Please note that the refund can take up to 14 days, depending on the issuing bank of the card.

Optional insurance: (FDW) Full damage waiver with NO EXCESS!

With this package you are FULLY PROTECTED and your liability in the event of damage is ZERO! Excess: €0.

The renter has the option to purchase Full Damage Waiver through this site or locally upon delivery to avoid any liability and be FULLY PROTECTED. No credit card needed. We do not need to preauthorize any amount as warranty. There is an affordable premium in the daily rates of €5 per day for groups A, A1, B, B1, Cd, €7 per day for groups Aa O/T, Aa, B 4x4, C, C1a, C1d, Ca D, Dah, Dd, E1, F, Had, Z, Za, €9 per day for groups Eah, Ed, G, H, S, Sad,  €11 per day for groups FadLUX, FdLUX, G1a, GLUX, HaLUX , €30 per day for group F2adLUX .

(TPI) Third-Party Insurance: Public liability covers the driver in the event that a member of the public is killed or injured, or if their property is damaged where the renter is at fault. The renter’s liability is covered to a maximum of €1.220.000 for death and bodily injuries and the same amount for material damages.

(PAI) Personal accident insurance (Passengers & drivers): Passengers of the rental vehicle are insured for death or bodily injuries in case of accident to a maximum of €1.220.000. Driver is insured to the amount of €15.000.

(TP) Car Theft Protection: Prices include Car Theft insurance, except if theft occurs because of negligence. The Company is not liable for any personal belongings that were stolen from the vehicle or damaged in an accident during the rental period.

Glass & mirrors insurance: This is the type of insurance that covers damage to the glass and mirrors of the vehicle.

Tires insurance: The renter is for any damages on tires and wheels.

Free Delivery & collection: We can deliver and collect vehicles from all supported locations in our online booking engine, including airports, ports and hotels free of charge. For places that are not included in our booking engine you can contact us in advance. After hours delivery (22:30 - 08:00) is subject to a charge of €35, payable upon arrival. After hours car collection is free of charge.

Unlimited Mileage: Unlimited mileage (free km) is always included in our rates.

Booking Cancellation: We accept any cancellations 14 days before picking-up your rental car. You will receive a 50% refund of your deposit. A refund will not be permitted within the 14 days period, leading up to your booking.

Taxes and Airport Fees & Surcharges: V.A.T (Value Added Tax) 24%, municipal tax, airport fees & surcharges are included in our rates.

Free Additional Drivers: The additional driver is Free of charge and can be registered without any additional charge.

24 hours Road Service: As a member of the Automobile and Touring Club of Greece our Company provides 24 hours Roadside Assistance. Roadside Assistance offers towing, a flat tire change, car battery replacement, car locksmith, gas delivery and more.

Road Map: An analytical road map of Crete is handed over to the renter free of charge at delivery.

Free Airport Parking: Free car parking at all the airports upon returning the vehicle.

Car Rental general terms and conditions

GPS: Available on request with a daily charge of €7. Max charge per rental €49 (7 days)

Child seats: We offer 3 different types of child seats (Infant seat, baby seat, booster seat) according to EU safety regulation.  Only new child seats according to the safety regulations. We take security very seriously.  

Fair Fuel Policy: The renter has to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as delivered. Vehicles delivered out of office hours have enough fuel to drive you anywhere in the island. There is also the option of a prepaid fuel policy. The renter picks-up the vehicle with a full tank and pays on the spot for the fuel which will cost the price of a local petrol station without any extra cost. There is no refund for the unused fuel. If the client wants us to provide this service and collect the car full, it needs to be referred on the remarks before completing the reservation.

Substitution of vehicle: Substitution of vehicle in case of breakdown or accident if the vehicle is not used in violation of the traffic regulations of any law or of the rental conditions stated herein.

Payment methods: To complete an online reservation through Magic Tours Rent a Car, customer must have a valid credit/debit card. We also accept cards with PayPal here. To secure your booking, we require a deposit of 20 % of your total rental cost. The remaining balance will be paid at the collection of the vehicle by credit/debit card or cash. We accept Visa, Mastercard. All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Booking Cancellation: We accept any cancellations 14 days before picking-up your rental car. You will receive a  50% refund of your deposit. A refund will not be permitted within the 14 days period, leading up to your booking or in case of no show.

Minimum Rental Period: The minimum rental period is 3 days for the reservations on this site. Please contact us via the contact form or call us at +306947441118.

Age: Minimum Age: 23 years old for all groups . Maximum age: 75 years old for all groups.

Driving license: A valid driving license held for at least one year is required.  National Driving Licenses issued in EU, US, UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, are accepted. An International Driving License is required in all other cases.

Loss or damage of additional equipments: The renter is responsible for any loss or damage to additional equipment hired at time of rental including satellite navigation equipment, child seats etc. In case of lost or broken keys, the renter will be charged the replacement cost.

Grace period: At the end of the agreed rental period, Magic Tours Rent a Car allows a grace period of one hour free of charge after which, the tenant will be charged with a full day rental.

Traffic fines: The renter is responsible for and shall pay all parking and traffic violations during the rental period.

Ship transfer: The renter is not allowed to use the rented car outside Crete or to embark a boat without the written permission of the company.

Fleet availability: The Company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type without any extra cost.

Flight delays: As we monitor the flights status in advance, there are no additional charges for flight delays.

Οbligations towards the vehicle use: All insurance coverings are valid provided that that the renter has complied with any law of the rental stated herein. The insurance does not cover in the following situations:
In the event that the renter has driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The vehicle is used in violation of the traffic regulations (e.g. road signs, speed limits, road direction). The renter drives on road without asphalt. The vehicle is driven by any person that is not a registered driver in the rental agreement. Damages due to the misuse of the car (e.g. burning out a clutch, damages to the vehicle interior). The renter insists driving with a flat tire or with the overheat indicator on. The renter doesn’t take all the necessary precaution measures for secure parking and locking of the car. The renter does not follow the insurance procedure as set out in the rental agreement.

Cleaning Fee: To respect our customers and deliver them a very clean car is a must for our company. You will be delighted by the overall condition and the cleanliness of the vehicle.  We ensure that as a company it is not our priority and we avoid to charge cleaning fee but we do it only in special cases.  This charge varies from 10 to 80 euro for extreme cases in the interior of the car. All vehicles should be returned in good condition as when the rental cars were delivered.