4 Reasons to rent a car on your vacation

Are you wondering whether renting a car in Crete would be a good idea or not?

Not anymore! 


Planning your vacation can be quite stressing. Booking tickets, hotels, wondering what to see where to go and then the most important question, how will I get there?

Renting a car is the solution and you can read below why.


Using public transportation in Crete may be cheaper but I guess that you don't want to spend most of your vacation time on a bus or waiting at the bus stop when the temperature outside is 40 degrees of Celcium. You now may think '' ok I will take a taxi''. Ok well this is an option, but for long distance routes it will cost you more than renting a car.


Having your own car means that you have the freedom to choose where to go and when. You can make your own plans without worrying about timetables, you can make as many stops as you like, you have your privacy and you can enjoy the trip the way you like! 


There are a lot of well known sights that are a must see in Crete. But Crete has a lot more to offer than this. Small hidden treasures can be found all around Crete. Live the ultimate Cretan experience by visiting a small village, meet the locals and taste the traditional Cretan cuisine in a local tavern. Get a fuller picture of what Crete and Cretans are about. You will love it!


Unfortunately with the pandemic going on some of the travellers think a lot of COVID 19. Using your own car can be a life saver! You can avoid crowded public transportation, places and beaches as you can make your own decisions on where to go.

Book you car now and take the most out of your vacation!